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Riddler (Burtonized) by otusasio451 Riddler (Burtonized) by otusasio451
My other submission for the Superhero of the Month redesign contest. The goal is to render either Penguin, Scarecrow, or Riddler in a way that one of the Batman movie directors would interpret them, provided they have not already done so. So, Penguin as interpreted by Joel Schumacher or Christopher Nolan, Riddler as interpreted by Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan, and/or Scarecrow as interepreted bu Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher. I did Burtonized versions of Riddler and Scarecrow. Below if the description of a possible origin I think Burton would have given Edward Nygma, AKA Riddler.

Edward Nygma was a man of genius intellect and a lover of riddles. He dedicated his life to understanding the mechanics of the mind and the source of intelligence, both out of his own interest, and to prove to others that he was vastly more intelligent than them. When in university, he became friends with a fellow psychology student, Jonathan Crane. But midway through his own doctoral studies on intelligence, he grew very ill, and was diagnosed with an advanced stage of brain cancer. Seeing this as unfair, and with the tumor in his brain distorting his thought patterns, he became deranged and determined to prove that he was still smarter than everyone around him, including the famed Batman. Nygma's deranged brain convinced him that the only way to get Batman's attention was to commit crimes and leave riddles for him to solve. But, although the Batman solved these riddles, he never caught Nygma. After a while, Nygma had brain surgery (leaving that scar on this head), and the tumor was removed, relieving the distortion of his thought patterns. However, the months in the hospital left him habitually addicted to telling riddles and committing crime in order to have Batman solve them. But this time, he decided to introduce himself to Batman and Gotham as the Riddler.
Yami-Tomoshibi Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Very cool! I like it!!
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July 27, 2012
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